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Tips on how to get your home SOLD in a down takes TEAMWORK!

Here are tips on how to get your home sold in today's market and it takes teamwork baby! Teamwork between you, your RE agent and your family members, everybody has to get in the game. So get ready to read, learn and get busy so you can sell your home. Every selling circumstance is different but this is how I did it successfully and you can too.

The old adage still prevails, location, condition, price, pick your REA wisely and don't forget the WOW FACTOR that's where a home stager/stylist will have your buyers thinking "I want it and I want it now!"

  • Location                                                                                                                                                   

The homes in my area don't move as quickly as home closer to downtown Atlanta but I did have attractive area selling features I could promote. There is a cute historical downtown area, a beautiful lake, water park and rafting nearby so a color handout was added to the promotional material. Look around what your area has to offer and let prospective buyers know all about the fun in your area!


  • Conditionhome inspector

When I'm speaking of condition I'm talking about the working condition of your home, not cosmetic. If you know something isn't working get it fixed by a professional NOW! The home inspector will no doubt find it and it's better to have little things on the inspector's list and not leave your buyer in doubt about their dream home.


  • The Home Stager/ Property Stylist will help you with the wow factor

You want your home to appeal to as many buyers as possible and a home stager will be able to help you achieve this look. This is the fun part, I promise you! From a simple consult to a few hours of redesigning, the home stager will give you valuable tips on how to best to prepare your property for sale to get it sold. Since I'm a home stager I knew exactly what to do and followed my own advice. It takes teamwork to achieve this and and the results are gonna pay off, plus you'll garner great new ideas from the stager you can implement in your next home! Here are a few of my own home pictures below;


 Have a welcoming front porch                                 Side appeal helps too                             

Front porch    garden on side of the house


Keep it simple and clean off those counters               Open floors plans have to have flow smoothly

Kitchen   Great Room


Keep it clean and simple at all times           Show off the architectural details not the stuff

  master bath   master bedroom


Show off updated lighting              Make your outside space inviting with a freshened up deck

foyer light     outside deck


girl on telephone

  • Interview your Real Eastate agents

Ask about their marketing plans for your home. Will they be there for you when you have questions, do they have back up staff to help if you can't get in contact with them? Do they believe in teamwork?

Next the hard part...

  • Price

It's time to get serious and realize memories & sentimentality do not add value to your home, it's a whole new market out there. I bought in an up market and had to come to grips with the real world of selling in a down market. I sought out a savvy REA who wanted to sell homes and not acquire listings. I looked at the comps and trend in home sales in my area she gave me and we both agreed on a realistic selling price. A price that would motivate multiple showings and contracts. Yep it was a hard pill to swallow but hey I wanted the home to sell not sit there and look pretty!

This REA also believes in home staging so I made it easy for her, she's familiar with my work! I asked her to go through the home and recommend any changes I may need to do and I would get them done quickly. Remember it takes teamwork!


  • Showing your home

Don't turn them down period! It's a total pain showing the home, this part is difficult but you have be ready at all times. The potential buyers you turned down will be off to next property pronto, trust.


This is how I was successful in getting my home sold in a down market. Yep coming to grips with the price point was guttural and never turning down a showing is disruptive but I sold within very, very short time frame and at price I was happy with considering the market.

Teamwork with my REA and family helped this house sell baby and not sit!




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