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How a Home Remodeler enhanced their portfolio with Staging

I was contacted by Bill Weidmann of Atlanta's award winning Weidmann Remodeling & Renovation  to inquire about staging some 'after' photos for their portfolio.

While quality materials and superb craftsmanship are the bones of a room, it's the finishing details that give it a warm & fuzzy feeling in person and in photos.


I was thrilled to say the least because I was well aware of this company's solid reputation. Then to be working with professional photographer Jan Stittleburg (located in Atlanta) was the icing on the cake. Ooh... I'd hope to sneak-a-peek through her lens, think she'll let me? Just maybe I'll be able to pick up some useful tips like how not to get my hand or derriere in the shot! Ooh-la-la indeed!

After I asked for some construction photos (pictured below) I delved into my stash, & packed up the truck. I was really looking forward to staging the photos for this Remodeler's portfolio.

constuction photos of a bathroom

Now on this particular job I was not to hide all the beautiful finishes and craftsmanship that was put into this job with accessories. Restraint was the name of the game here. This tile had three different finishes and was gorgeous! After all, this is what the Remodeler wanted to highlight, the craftsmanship! I was there to enhance the photos with a little warmth. No art was to be hung on the owner's new walls.

master bath room



             master bath tub


staging details

The above two single photos and the detail collage were photographed by the talented Jan Stittleburg. And yes, she did let me peek through the lens. I can't wait to work with her & learn more from this talented lady!


staging details

Well the above photo collage of close up details are my doing, sigh...I need to sneak more peeks into a professional photographer's lens.

Well at the end of the photo shoot Weidmann's Remodeling & Renovation's client was thrilled too, she thanked me for all the great ideas, a win-win for all involved!

Weidmann Remodeling ~ 770.552.8396

Jan Stittleburg Photography ~ 770.931.8170





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