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How to update an old mirror frame to a more transitional look

How to update a mirror frame to a more transitional look. Do you have a mirror that you wish had a different look? Maybe you saw a brand new one with a different finish you long for and now it's begging you to buy it!

Before you shell out the $$$ on the new mirror try this project! It's easy and you can change & layer any of the finishes to suit your styling needs. In the example below I didn't want to get rid of the gold entirely because I wanted the look of mixed metals, so I let a bit of gold peek out.

products used 

I used the following products that can be found at your local craft  store;

 * Design Master spray in Glossy Wood Tone

 * Design Master spray in Walnut Wood Tone

  •  * Design Master spray in Copper Metallic

  •  * Rub n' Buff in Spanish Copper

  •  * Rub n' Buff in Silver Leaf

 * Treasure Gold in Pewter (pictured in the small pot)

  •  * A stiff bristle brush & soft bristle brush





Gold Mirror  Close up of gold mirror frame


First lightly spray on the Glossy wood Tone, let dry. Then lightly layer w/ the Copper spray, let dry. Lastly layer the Walnut Wood Tone. It dries fast so this project can be done in under an hour. With the large stiff bristle brush I put some of the Rub n' Buff on a piece of wax paper lightly dabbed the brush into it and randomly hit the mirror in desired spots. I next did the same as above w/ the silver leaf Rub n' Buff only this time I used a small soft bristle brush to hit some of the raised area on the mirror and the outer edging grooves. For another layer of a darker pewter accent in the mirror frame I used part of the stiff bristle brush to dab a few randomly places for the finishing touch.

Be sure spray outside on a non windy day!


Updated mirror frame  Updated mirror frame

The products used to create this new look last a looooong time, you'll find many uses for them! So now go ahead and update that old mirror frame to more transitional look! Good luck on your project and if you have any questions I'll try to answer them for you.



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if you want to use a photo or some copy just email me... more than likely we can work it out

Comment balloon 74 commentsCynthia Bartch • October 05 2010 12:27PM


A mirror?  You write a post about a mirror?

Some people will write about anything just to get points...................LOL. 

Actually, I have to thank you.  I am working with a client right now who has a mirror in her bathroom very similar to the one you show here, a very nice mirror actually and fits the space and flavor of the room quite well...........but it's gold...........shiny gold at that...............I told her we needed to paint it but I had no idea what products to my friend just helped me out.....................thanks so much!

But................I'm coming after you it's WAR!

Posted by Roger D. Mucci, Lets shake things up at your home today! (Shaken...with a Twist 216.633.2092) about 10 years ago

Yes a mirror Roger can you believe it??? You make me laugh out loud man!!!

So glad I could help out my good staging friend here on AR. I know you will do wonders with your client!!!! I have no doubt my #15 slot is but a far twinkle in my eye from now on, you go Roger :~)

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

Thanks for the call, that was such a surprise and a pleasant one at've made my day in more ways than one!  I'll bounce back between #15 and #16 with you forever if it's going to be this much fun!

Lucky Caren..............that keeps me off her tail!  BTW, she's #14

Posted by Roger D. Mucci, Lets shake things up at your home today! (Shaken...with a Twist 216.633.2092) about 10 years ago

Roger it was MY pleasure to be able to speak with someone who has an appreciation for the fun things in life!!! I must say you will have that spot and go on from there. Caren watch out because Roger is fast on your trail Woo-Hoo!

This has been a fun couple of days for me also :~D

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

This is going to be fun to watch :)


#22 in Ohio :)

Posted by Liz and Bill Spear, RE/MAX Elite Warren County OH (Cincinnati/Dayton) (RE/MAX Elite 513.520.5305 about 10 years ago

You're back to #15................who do you know?  what did you do?  you have a connection with the AR Gods don't can this be?  our next conversation won't be so pleasant Missy!  Oh you think it's fun #22 do you?

Cyndee, I do have an appreciation for the fun things in life, as do you.....................but who do you know?

Posted by Roger D. Mucci, Lets shake things up at your home today! (Shaken...with a Twist 216.633.2092) about 10 years ago

Oh man Liz & Bill aka #22 my fellow Ohioans I'm afraid you will all pass me soon...been here since '07' for goodness sake!

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

But you're back to #15.................I want did you do it???????????????

Posted by Roger D. Mucci, Lets shake things up at your home today! (Shaken...with a Twist 216.633.2092) about 10 years ago

Cynthia- and he said it was a post about a Mirror!!!! Well let me tell you it's more than that.  It's about recycling the old and not adding to the landfill.... it's about working with what the seller has.... it's about you and Roger going back and forth at #15 (oops!).  Love it!

Posted by Kathy Streib, Home Stager - Palm Beach County,FL -561-914-6224 (Room Service Home Staging) about 10 years ago

Roger, I swear I just looked and you are #15...also Missy here has no in w/ AR muckity mucks!  Maybe it's magic, yeah that the ticket! Roger are you planning to move anytime soon??? Just askin'.

Well thank you Ms. Kathy Streib, finally someone with some sense in the blog comments! Yes this blog is about not throwing out the still good item and reusing what you have with a little know how. And yes it's about me trying to hold on to the coveted #15 spot.

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

I'm only 3 points ahead of you right now.................but I'm ahead of you! 

Back to being #15 in Ohio...............wooooooooo hooooooooooooooo!  We'll see how long this lasts...............LOL.

It is a post about a mirror Kathy..................LOL..............everything you said is true, but it's about a MIRROR!

Posted by Roger D. Mucci, Lets shake things up at your home today! (Shaken...with a Twist 216.633.2092) about 10 years ago

Hey, I got the point of the post.................I thanked you for giving me the idea for my clients, no appreciation shown here at all.............LOL.

What's this moving stuff about?  Did I miss something?

Posted by Roger D. Mucci, Lets shake things up at your home today! (Shaken...with a Twist 216.633.2092) about 10 years ago

Or you could just come visit and do it for me?  I am so "NOT" crafty at all.  I'd likely end up with my fingers painted and paint on the mirror part and not the frame.  But... aside from me being sure I can't do that... it really is lovely.

Posted by Tammy Lankford,, Broker GA Lake Sinclair/Eatonton/Milledgeville (Lane Realty Eatonton, GA Lake Sinclair, Milledgeville, 706-485-9668) about 10 years ago

Cyn ~ I love the "new" look in this mirror and think you're ever so clever to not only figure out how to do it, but then to share it with all of us!  It now looks like a much more expensive mirror, too.  I don't have any old mirrors around at the moment, but I'll know what to do when I come across one.  Thanks!

Posted by Maureen Bray Portland OR Home Stager ~ Room Solutions Staging, "Staging Consultations that Sell Portland Homes" (Room Solutions Staging, Portland OR) about 10 years ago

LOL, dag nab it 3 little points oh you Roger....I'll get you my pretty, you just wait!

Oh sure, I know you got the point of post I was just trying recognize Kathy for being so level headed. Missing something...not you Roger, not you in a million years!

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

30 points separating the two of you.  Willing to go mercenary and only comment on one sides blogs to tilt the balance of power :)  We CAN be bought :)  Now accepting offers <Evil Grin>

Bill of BLiz #22 (for now)

Posted by Liz and Bill Spear, RE/MAX Elite Warren County OH (Cincinnati/Dayton) (RE/MAX Elite 513.520.5305 about 10 years ago

Hi Tammy I never wear those gloves and my hands were a total mess because I have to get in there and finger paint when I do these types of things. You ship it I'll do it for you, no problem my good GA friend! Thanks, I was happy the way it turned out too :)

Hi Maureen, Thanks so much! Sharing here is what it's all about. I've learned so much here on AR I couldn't imagine not giving back. You just have to jump in and figure these things out and if one isn't sure they could pull it off I'd say practice on a small inexpensive item first. It did have a richer look to it after I was finished, glad you could see that too!

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

You're ahead of me................24 points...............grrrrrrrrrrrrrr, put you back at #15..............but you don't scare me.................

Posted by Roger D. Mucci, Lets shake things up at your home today! (Shaken...with a Twist 216.633.2092) about 10 years ago

Ok Bill # 22 for now (I have feeling you'll be zooming past me soon in no time also) now you're talking my language!!!

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

We're chasing both of you... today was our 50th straight day with a post...we started the 30/30 challenge, and just decided to keep going.  No reason to let up now as long as the ideas keep coming!

Posted by Liz and Bill Spear, RE/MAX Elite Warren County OH (Cincinnati/Dayton) (RE/MAX Elite 513.520.5305 about 10 years ago

You will leave me in the rain droplets soon Bill & Liz, I'm lucky if I get one blog a month out. My grey matter can't keep up :) Wow your 50th straight day my hat is off to you guys, it's a lot of work! Hey I'm originally from Dayton.

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

Just around the corner!  We live outside of Lebanon, been here for a bit over 19 years,  came here when I left the Navy in 91.

Posted by Liz and Bill Spear, RE/MAX Elite Warren County OH (Cincinnati/Dayton) (RE/MAX Elite 513.520.5305 about 10 years ago

This MIRROR post has been a thorn in my side all afternoon!  Pretty soon I'll be competing with Bill and Liz for a spot on the leader board and they'll kick my butt..................grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Bill uses all those "big boy" technical terms I don't understand and Liz is the consummate Realtor, which I also don't understand..............the only person I really get is Miss Bad Manners................I can relate to her.................not sure where that's going to leave you Missy!

Posted by Roger D. Mucci, Lets shake things up at your home today! (Shaken...with a Twist 216.633.2092) about 10 years ago

Hi Cynthia - Just thought I'd show my Swiss side, and comment on both yours and Roger's post.  Seemed only fair.  Now, as for the mirror, I think that's a fantastic idea to create something new out of something old.  Also love the flower arrangement.  Did you create that as well?  Hmmm, perhaps you need to write a post about flower arranging - just for more entertainment...

Posted by Sally Weatherley, Vancouver Home Staging, Home Stager Vancouver, B.C (EXIT STAGE RIGHT) about 10 years ago

Ok, settle down, you two!  Love the look, Cynthia.  This would also work with a more Old World look too...hmmm...Julie

Posted by Julia Maher, Connecticut Home Stager (Nestings: Connecticut Home Staging and Model Homes) about 10 years ago

Cynthia, Told Liz about this blog, she's thinking she can do the same to a picture frame she'd like to change!  You could make that a separate post and leapfrog Roger again :)

Posted by Liz and Bill Spear, RE/MAX Elite Warren County OH (Cincinnati/Dayton) (RE/MAX Elite 513.520.5305 about 10 years ago

You two think this #15 rivalry thing is all about you, don't you?  Well what about me?  I don't have time for this!!  Now I have to worry about commenting on you and Roger's posts equally so I don't show preference? 

As for the mirror....beautiful, brilliant...well done.  How did you keep the paint off the mirror, or did you just scrape it off later? 

Posted by Sharon Tara, New Hampshire Home Stager (Sharon Tara Transformations) about 10 years ago

Hi Liz & Bill, I moved out of Dayton as wee thing and traveled to GA, MD (for most of my life) then back to GA now back here in Ohio! Lots of family I don't even know living here in OH.

LOL Roger, I like 'big boy' tech terms and I have no idea who Miss Bad Manners is! All I know is I could barely keep my laughter contained when I asked for you when I called your office line. I could barely get my name out... I was laughing so hard, thank goodness it was you who answered the phone!!!

Hi Sally, Woo-Hoo to Swiss side, I think we need that here! Yes please comment on Roger's blog too, he is soooo funny! Yes I did the that floral piece. I should have made my next blog a step by step guide w/ photos for this fall wreath I told Roger I was designing, it could have driven him even more bonkers :~D

fall wreath


Hi Julie, Yes w/ more of the wood tone spray & it takes on an 'Old World' look, so many possibilities w/ these products! Roger has been eyeing my #15 spot in OH so we are goofing on each other in good fun :~D

Hi Bill, she can do it, she can do it and she can call me anytime if she's not sure! This works great on frames, lamps and all kinds of stuff.

LOL Sharon, yes PLEASE comment on his blog too...he kills me!!! I didn't use tape or paper to cover the mirror, I did it free style, I'm so edgy that way. There was just a smidge of paint here and there when finished. Between glass cleaner and a sharp razor to very carefully scrape off some paint dots it went fine.

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

Looks great, but I think it would be better if I left things like that to those who can do it.


Posted by Jack Gilleland (Home Inspection and Investor Services, Clayton) about 10 years ago

Oh Jack, no worries you have your very special talents....I couldn't tell if the water heater was installed upside down!

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

Cynthia, Liz is originally from Maryland.  Her family is still there outside Frederick.

Posted by Liz and Bill Spear, RE/MAX Elite Warren County OH (Cincinnati/Dayton) (RE/MAX Elite 513.520.5305 about 10 years ago

Always me who answers the phone...............I work alone and it's my cell phone............."big boy" terms make me nervous..................please don't tell me you are going to blog about a damn wreath next.............LOL............the mirror was bad enough.........................


Just the way the mirror turned out and the wreath is fab!  They just make me goofy when they are "so dead" and people refuse to take them down.

Posted by Roger D. Mucci, Lets shake things up at your home today! (Shaken...with a Twist 216.633.2092) about 10 years ago

You are just too talented for words! The mirror, floral arrangement and wreath and so impressive and have me thinking I need to stop working and do something creative-I do not have any decorative items out yet in my home reflecting my favorite season!!

Posted by Cathy Lee, ASP, IAHSP, RESA Danville, CA (CL Design Services Home Staging) about 10 years ago

Lovin' the "battle cries", and the mirror! Back in the day, (the 80's to be exact) we used Design Master in display work, because it will not melt foam, like other spray paints used to...then of course I used it in the floral business, like you.  LOVE the wood tones, and the whitewash, but I think I might have caused some "dain bramage" with the silver paint, that stuff smelled SO good! =o(  So now I have commented equally with you and Rog! =o)

Posted by c m about 10 years ago


What a great way to make use of the old dated mirrors, picture frames and accessories that we tend to hold onto but never use.  Love what you did with this mirror...something old is NEW again!

Posted by Michelle Pimentel, ASP, IAHSP Empire Home Staging (Empire Home Staging Solutions) about 10 years ago

Hey Bill, I'm familiar w/ Frederick, my husband and I would take road tips up there eat lunch and mosey around. It's a great area, beautiful too!

David, thanks! Oh my you & me both, I use these products to change up all kinds of things. My favorite was a large ceiling medallion I left in the old house, the copper paint softly glowed when the light was on.

LOL@ you Roger aka #15, embrace the big boy terms and I'm sure you will do just fine! I am so glad it was you who answered the phone...I almost couldn't;t get your name out I was laughing so hard :!D  I have to agree, wreaths need to be updated to look fresh and inviting.

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

Morning Kathy, thanks for the kind words, much appreciated! Everyone around my way has had there fall decor out a month ago...and here me being the new neighbor still had springtime up! I wonder if there was gossip about that family from GA, LOL? Yes go celebrate your favorite's always the ones in the business who have no time to this for themselves, right?

Oh Cheryl, Roger is a card to say the least, l love it! I loved the smell of the metallic sprays too, I guess I could blame my silly side on dain bramage too! There is so many uses for this stuff, if an item is tired looking I eye it up to see how to make it new again.

Hi Michelle, thanks!!! Isn't great we have all these products to recylce the old? I get the creative juices going Woo-Hoo!

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

Wow.  What a difference!  I DO have some mirrors around that could use some help.  Thanks for sharing these, Cynthia.  

By the way, we miss you in Atlanta.


Posted by Kathy Nielsen, Atlanta Georgia Home Stager ( about 10 years ago

Hi Cynthia, what a series, feels like a live blogging adventure. Good way to learn about the personalities, still working to learn when to laugh (LOL) my German humor does not always catch the fine reading between the lines....

Love the mirror transformation!

Posted by Barbara Heil-Sonneck, Home Staging Atlanta (Design2Sell) about 10 years ago KNOW that I love these posts!  Wish we were closer so that we could play with the redo's together.  The after mirror looks fantastic and look at how many comments. Awesome. 

I want to see more photos of your floral designs....PLEASE!!  Love the door wreath.  I still have summer decor in my home and photos like these help push me towards fall. 

Posted by Ginger Foust, Home Stager Oakhurst CA, Dream Interior Redesign & Staging (Certified Staging Professional) about 10 years ago

Gorgeous.  Can you tell me more about the rub 'n buff.  I heard it mentioned and looked for it, but haven't found it yet.  What exactly does it do?

Posted by Beth Lester, Home Staging & Interior Decorating (Beth Lester Designs) about 10 years ago

Waiting for that WREATH post Cynthia...............what's going on with you today?

Posted by Roger D. Mucci, Lets shake things up at your home today! (Shaken...with a Twist 216.633.2092) about 10 years ago

Hi Kathy, these products work on all kinds of surfaces, go get those mirror frames and renew them!

Thanks, I left some great people in Atlanta :(


Hi Barbara, Yes that's the perfect description "A live blogging adventure", this is all in good fun Roger is a rascally one! I  have a few European friends and I know exactly what you mean, sometimes things just don't translate.

Thanks for your compliment on the mirror!

Hey Ginger, yep, I was thinking of you when I wrote it! I'd love it if we were closer it's great to bounce ideas off each other and I left 2 great gals in GA...we all worked together to help each other out.

That may be a future blog as I would have to photograph every step. It's actually very much like designing a room layers, textures, colors, and scale. Don't feel bad I just out this one up the other day sometimes we are just too busy to take of ourselves!!!

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

Hi Beth, I found the Rub n' Buff metallic wax at Michael's, Hobby Lobby and Jo Ann Fabrics, the cost is about $3.99 a tube and they last a long time.

You can use it right out of the tube w/ a brush and leave it just the way it is or you can apply it with a rag and give a shoe shine buff, it just depends on the look you want. With the mirror I used the silver with a soft brush on the raised leaf like parts and on the outer edges. Then I used the copper one with stiff bristle brush to hit a few spots to give it a weathered look.

I've also used it to edge a black desk using the antique gold color to give the desk an older feel to it. If this doesn't answer your question let me know, ok?

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

LOL@ you Rascally Roger, I usually comment in the morning then off to do other things. Yesterday it was the local garden center and nursery, then a stop to shop for canvases, then headed into downtown w/ my camera to snap away! No wreath blog coming up yet so sorry, so sorry to disappoint you. I know you were waiting w/ baited breath :~D

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

Cynthia - Another day of disappointment waiting for the WREATH're killing me!  I've been called a lot of things in my day, including a Rascal, but it takes on a whole new meaning coming from you my friend!  Glad you had a productive day yesterday............even though you ruined mine!  LOL.


Check my blog today, sometimes I actually write something of interest that isn't silly.........not often!

Posted by Roger D. Mucci, Lets shake things up at your home today! (Shaken...with a Twist 216.633.2092) about 10 years ago

I'm off to check it out now Rascally Roger......

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

Now I'm nervous..................

Posted by Roger D. Mucci, Lets shake things up at your home today! (Shaken...with a Twist 216.633.2092) about 10 years ago

As you should be Mr. So and So........

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago the Rub -n Buff actually comes in colors itself?!?!!?

Posted by Beth Lester, Home Staging & Interior Decorating (Beth Lester Designs) about 10 years ago

Hi Beth, yes it comes a variety of metallic colors and it's very easy to use. You just have to play around with it a bit to get the hang of it then I promise you will be hooked!

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

A very unique touch!

Love the outcome.

And you make it look so simple.

Posted by 1~Judi Barrett, BS Ed, Integrity Real Estate Services -IDABEL OK (Integrity Real Estate Services 118 SE AVE N, Idabel, OK 74745) about 10 years ago

Morning Judy, thanks! I like to change things up instead of going right for the new, my clients purse strings like that too ;)

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

I had so much fun reading all the comments between you and Roger I almost forgot what the post was about. LOL Pretty creative my friend. I have lots of things that need restoring I should get your expertise. Do you restore antique bodies? LOL

Posted by Sharon Lee, Retired and loving life (Sharon Lee's Virtual Assistance) about 10 years ago


Wow!   Amazing what you can do to an old mirror frame!  

I see you got some friendly AR point competition going on in your new State.  :)

I noticed that whether my profile is in Montana or in Quebec my position stays exactly the same!  :)

If the saying goes that if you break a mirror that is 7 years of bad luck, I can imagine that updating an old mirror should give you 7 years of good luck.   :) 

Posted by Gerry Khatchikian, ASA, TRC, SFR about 10 years ago

Hi Gerry, so nice of you to visit me! Yes that rascal Roger made it a fun little competition, he is a good way :~)

Good news about your position staying the same, Woo-Hoo!

Hey I like your way of thinking, I'll take that 7 years of good luck!!!

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

Hey Miss Sharon Lee, Yes that Roger is a fun person, you've got to check out his blog I think you would like it, he's crazy! LOL, if only I could restore old bodies....

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

Cynthia what a great idea!  It looks fabulous-you did a wonderful job. Thanks for another terrific idea.  I am going to use this for a reblog too.  THANK YOU!

Posted by Debbie Walsh, Hudson Valley NY Real Estate 845.283-3036 (Shahar Management) about 10 years ago

Hey Debra, thanks for the nice words and the reblog, cool! I really enjoy trying to save rather than toss out something just because it may look dated. My clients like it too ;)

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

Cynthia  An artisan who also takes fantastic photos of her work - well done

Posted by Karen Kruschka, - "My Experience Isn't Expensive - It's PRICELESS" (RE/MAX Executives) about 10 years ago

Well now you are making me blush Karen, I love working w/ my hands and I get to show my clients how save a few dollars in the process.

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

Love your how-to, Cynthia! I found it on Debra's re-blog and I'm going to follow your instructions on a couple of mirrors-needing-makeovers that I have...thank you! :)


P.S. I'm re-blogging this post, too!

Posted by Bob & Leilani Souza, Greater Sacramento Area Homes, Land & Investments (Souza Realty 916.408.5500) about 10 years ago

I love the way the mirror came out! It's got such a rich tone to it now. Beautiful! Thanks for the step-by-step instructions. I'm bookmarking this page for future use. About how long did it take to do the mirror?

Posted by Nina Rogoff, Sells Real Estate! (RE/MAX Executive Realty) about 10 years ago

Wow, I can't believe I missed this post - I love the transformation.  Thanks for the tip. 

Posted by Juli Vosmik, Scottsdale/Cave Creek, AZ real estate 480-710-0739 (Dominion Fine Properties) about 10 years ago

Morning Leilani, what a beautiful name by the way! Thanks, the products mentioned work on all kinds of items since this frame was a resin material I didn't use prime, but if you have metal frames you may need a little prep work if you are going to use the sprays, the metallic wax in the tubes and pot need no prep before use. Have fun and good luck!

Thanks for the reblog :~)


Morning Nina, It took me just under an hour to finish this mirror. I have used these products before so don't be discouraged if you need some extra time to finish your project. Besides, it all about having fun and being creative!

Morning Juli, Well I'm happy you found it, thanks! You just never know how you can update an old favorite one may have stuffed in back closet.

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

Love the look and am curious how much the products cost?  Just spray painted a mirror this weekend with oiled rubbed bronze . . . glad to get rid of the bright gold! 

Posted by Margaret Oscilia, Home Stager, Salem Oregon (Creative Concepts-Home Staging and Contracting, Salem Oregon) about 10 years ago

Hi Margaret, the tubes and pots of wax in assorted colors cost about $3.99@, the cans of spray varies anywhere from $4.99 to $5.99 a can. But I use coupons or buy them on sale and these products last a loooooong time.

Glad you liked the look, thanks for stopping by!

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

Cynthia, great job on the mirror!  I love anytime something can be updated, redesigned and not tossed into a landfill.  Sounds like some products I should add to my supply room!

Posted by Cindy Garruba (North Fork Home Staged to Sell) about 10 years ago

Hi Cindy, thanks! I've used these products on many projects and I still have yet use all tubes of wax. Now the sprays I can go through more frequently. The sprays are used to give grapevine wreaths, pods, pine cones or any dried material life, it really makes a difference!

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

I finally made it over to the "mirror" post that started the whole fight with you and Roger! And I learned something too. I am going to bookmark this so I can come back and revisit when I have a mirror or frame to update. Thank you.

Posted by Shar Sitter, Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis/ St. Paul, M (Rooms With Style) about 10 years ago

Shar, wrestling w/ Roger for that #15 spot made my week, I never laughed so hard!!! He is soooo much fun :~D Thanks for visiting the bomb that started it all, lol! You're quite welcome.

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

Great mirror tips Cynthia.  I suppose you could use this technique on picture frames as well.

Posted by Karen Hubert, CSP, Brantford, ON (Center Stage Design-Home Staging) about 10 years ago



Loved the mirror, you could BLOG about anything and I would read it !!!!   Also, the wreath was never disappoint in anything that you do.....I miss you my multi-talented friend.  :)

Posted by Peggy a/k/a/ DOT about 10 years ago

Hi Karen, yes this would work on metal frames, sconces, vases....your name it! Thanks for visiting!

Peggy a/k/a DOT...nice to see you this morning :~) Lol....Please show Sharon how to bookmark this ok? Coming from the Queen of spray fix ups I am honored my friend!!! Thanks on the wreath too, that was two grapevines w/ one wrapped & twisted around the other.

I miss you too, this time last year we were busy elves working in the studio....sigh. It was a magical time in my life I will never ever forget it my good friend Super Peg!

Posted by Cynthia Bartch about 10 years ago

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